Thursday, January 30

nails: daisy chain

I've always loved Wah nails daisy chain design so when I saw their latest You Tube tutorial I had to give it a go myself! I used Sinful Colours Black for the base and then Models Own black and white nail art pens, the yellow is a nail art pen from eBay.

If you haven't seen it on Facebook or Twitter Models Own currently have a huge half price sale on, you need to spend £25 (before discount) the code is HALFPRICE. I may or may not have placed an order including some of their new Hypergel polishes!

What do you think? I want to try this on a pastel base as well, perfect for spring! Next tutorial for me to try is camouflage nails, looks really complicated but the method is actually quite simple! 

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you that it would be very cute with a pastel color as a base! It would suit the delicate flowers very well xo



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