Sunday, February 2

the week #3

This week I've been busy planning things for my best friend Sam's hen weekend in March. Were going to a 90s weekend at Butlins and I'm really looking forward to it. Most of the things I've been planning I can't share yet as there all surprises but I'll pop a post up afterwards if any of you are interested? Most of our ideas have come from my favourite inspiration place - Pinterest.

photo from Wildfox Couture - Google Images

I've been sticking to Jaime Easons LiveFit too, I'm onto week 3 now! I've also starting trying to get back into running ready to complete another 10k this summer and managed 5k in 30 minutes on Friday which is the furthest I've ran for around 3 months!

photo from Vivianna Does Makeup
These three dips from Anna at Vivianna Does Makeup look so delicious and are maybe the easiest recipes I've seen in a while. I'm going to try the hummus this week so I can take it to work with some veg sticks as a snack. I usually try to just snack on fruit but I need some variety!

I also love Kate's latest Everyday Makeup Tutorial, the Topshop Lip Bullet is a really nice pop of colour for daytime without being too much. Think I might be taking a trip to Topshop this week :) I've discovered a new favourite foundation this week too - L'Oreal True Match. It's makes my skin look so so nice and feels really light, I've got a full review planned for this week.

How's your week been?

Thursday, January 30

nails: daisy chain

I've always loved Wah nails daisy chain design so when I saw their latest You Tube tutorial I had to give it a go myself! I used Sinful Colours Black for the base and then Models Own black and white nail art pens, the yellow is a nail art pen from eBay.

If you haven't seen it on Facebook or Twitter Models Own currently have a huge half price sale on, you need to spend £25 (before discount) the code is HALFPRICE. I may or may not have placed an order including some of their new Hypergel polishes!

What do you think? I want to try this on a pastel base as well, perfect for spring! Next tutorial for me to try is camouflage nails, looks really complicated but the method is actually quite simple! 

Wednesday, January 22

awards season 2014: SAG and Critics Choice best dressed

Last week saw the (unfortunately named) SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards and Critics Choice Awards red carpets, here are who I picked as my best dressed.

Elisabeth Rohm in Marchesa
This dress is so pretty, I love all the intricate detail and appliqued flowers towards the bottom. Elisabeth Rohm has chosen a nude that really suits her colouring as it's so easy to look washed out in paler colours when you are fair.

Hannah Simone in Marchesa
Another Marchesa and another ethereal style dress, the pale blue is a lovely shade and makes a nice change from pale pinks, peaches and golds that are usually seen. The neckline is beautiful and I'm glad Hannah Simone has kept her accessories minimal to let the dress do the talking. 

Isla Fisher in Oscar De La Renta
Isla Fisher looks like an old Hollywood starlet here. I think her hair looks gorgeous and her make up is perfect for this dress. 

Lupita Nyong'o in Gucci
This dress is such an amazing colour. The floral straps with gold detailing take this dress stop this dress being plain but still keep the overall look sleek and modern.

Maria Menounos in Rani Zakhem
Maria Menounos featured in my last best dressed list too. Another beautiful pale dress, what makes this stand out for me is the bodice style top against the chiffon skirt.

Sarah Hyland in Pamella Roland
This has proved to be quite a popular colour on the SAG red carpet. I love the high low hemline of this dress which shows off Sarah Hyland's amazing Jimmy Choos and keeps the look fresh and modern. 

Sandra Bullock in Lanvin
I think this colour suits Sandra Bullock so well. The column style dress shows of her enviable figure with the ruffles adding that something extra. I think this would have benefited from removing the belt and adding a necklace but other than that I love this look. 

Margot Robbie in Elle Saab
A jumpsuit on the red carpet always makes an actress standout as it's something different amongst a sea of dresses. This is my favourite look from both award shows. I love the lace sleeves and back, it's daring whilst staying classy. I think her relaxed hair and make up look gorgeous too. 

Who was your best dressed?

Sunday, January 19

the week #2

This week I started Jamie Eason's LiveFit and it's been hard! I go to gym quite often anyway but tend not to focus on any particular area and just do a bit of everything. I'm not sticking to the eating plan side of things too strictly as I already have a healthy balanced diet and I'm not doing this to lose weight anyway. The plans are all available online for free and the first phase has no cardio at all plus you get 3 rest days at first too. A lot of the exercises are gym based but I'm sure with a bit of googling you could find free weight alternatives if you wanted to complete this at home.

I read a post by Claire over at Stylingo this week all about the dark side of Instagram and was honestly shocked. I know these type of pro anorexia websites exist online, especially on Tumblr, and have seen documentaries about them but what shocked me most was how Instagram are aware of the situation and monitor it but are not censoring the posts like they do nudity. Claire's post has already raised quite a lot of awareness and I wanted to share it here for any of you who don't follow Stylingo. It's scary how easy these types of images can be accessed by young impressionable girls and boys. To be honest I think it's disgusting how Instagram have censored hashtags such as #boobs and #sex with no images coming up in a search yet #anorexiatips brings up over 2000 and #anorexia has over a million and a half images.

I was catching up on You Tube videos yesterday and really enjoyed this Pixiwoo Bodytalk with Katie Piper. Katie Piper is such an inspirational, brave young woman, she has taken what happened to her and made positives from it like her charity which helps make life easier for people living with burns, scars or disfigurements.

We've been to the cinema again this week to see The Wolf of Wall Street. I first saw the trailer just before Christmas and have been waiting for it to come out! I haven't seen a Leonardo DiCaprio film I haven't liked and I wasn't disappointed. Although this film is 3 hours long it didn't feel like a long film, there a lot of moments that had us both laughing out loud.

Finally, if you have time I would love it if you could sign this petition to end whaling in Iceland. Whales are beautiful creatures and the way they are being treated here is awful. Little money is made from whaling in Iceland which makes it unnecessary.

Oh and one last thing - DO NOT GET EYELASH EXTENSIONS! The last of mine fell out last week and my natural lashes are now short and stubby compared to what they were :( I'll put some pics up in the week.

Friday, January 17

food: goats cheese tart

This is a really easy recipe that looks impressive and is perfect for serving if there's a few of you and it tastes delicious too!

To make it you will need -

Just Rol puff pastry or the cheaper asda version like mine ;)
Olive oil
Red pepper
Red onion
Cherry tomatoes
Soft goats cheese

Slice up your veggies and put them in a roasting tray with olive oil and roast in the oven on about 200c until done.
Put tin foil on a baking tray and roll out your pastry on top (might be worth putting a really small bit of oil or something to grease the tin foil I keep getting mine stuck to the bottom of the tart!)
Chuck all your roast veg in the middle and crumble the goats cheese on top, drizzle with olive oil and bake until the pastry risen about 20 minutes? I don't time mine I just keep an eye on it.

While your tart is cooking make a salad for a side dish so it's all ready to eat! 

I made this again the other night but didn't have an goats cheese so I added a yellow pepper to the roasted veggies in place of the tomatoes and courgette. Instead of goats cheese I added sliced mushrooms to the tart before baking and sprinkled some grated parmesan on top 5 minutes before the end. It was even better than my first attempt above. 

It tasted better than it looks honest! 


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